a petite bit about me...

I'm Rachel, and I've loved fashion for as long as I can remember (I think my family photoshoot in 1990 may have single-handedly catapulted the denim overalls trend...) I've always wanted to create a space to share my favorite styling looks, inspirations, and creative musings. After years in the TV industry, I decided to pursue my passion for fashion independently and voila, Petite Rachelle was born. 

I'm a New York City girl (by way of New Jersey) who loves fashion, fries, and fun (I think that pretty much covers the bases). I love mixing high-end with thrifted, and can usually be found rummaging through a sales rack or my friends "give-away" piles (I firmly believe that one girl's trash can be another girl's treasure). I love helping people find and enhance their own personal style and think outside the styling box. Interested in working together? Check out Work With Moi.  

So bienvenue to the world of Petite Rachelle, where you'll discover fashion tips, trends, and the occasional truffle fry. As always, all opinions are my own. I hope you'll find a petite bit of inspiration to take with you, and maybe laugh along the way. 

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