At the end of March, John and I went on a #petitevacay to the beautiful West Coast. With the sluggish cold NYC weather biting our tails, the trip couldn't have come at a better time to escape the NYC slush for some Cali sun.

I decided to make my first ever Vlog capturing the trip. I must say it's hard to balance being in the moment, while also trying to capture the trip on video, but I wanted to give you a peek into our 7 days driving around the Golden State. I definitely love having this video once the trip is over, and if these Vlogs are something you guys like I will definitely try to make them more often! Watch my first ever attempt below, and then keep scrolling to see all the deets from our Cali road trip!

Song: California Sunrise by Dirty Gold

The first stop on our road trip was the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs. I quickly fell in love with this little desert town, which felt like a time warp to1970s Cali living. The rooms were pretty barebones with just enough eclectic flair. I especially loved the record player they supplied and our private terrace out front. 

We spent our first day by the pool soaking up all the desert heat (I’m such a summer baby, the hotter the better!) and then headed to SO.PA for dinner. SO.PA is located at the L'Horizon hotel which was just down the road from the Ace. The walk over was breathtaking; the photos could not do it justice! The restaurant atmosphere was so special, and it really felt like a tiny private oasis. The food was incredible ( I got the Halibut, J the Short Rib). I would definitely recommend this spot as a must-see if you ever find yourself in the Springs. Do people call it that? I'm just going with it. 

Our second night the Santa Ana winds were blowing at full force (try shooting a look when trees are flying by behind you!) so we decided to stay at our hotel and eat at King’s Highway, the restaurant on premises. This swanky diner was the perfect low-key way to round out our Palm Springs retreat, 70s vibes (and a birthday candle for J) included. On our last morning we had to make sure to check out the iconic Parker Palm Springs. We decided to grab brunch at their restaurant Norma's before exploring the beautiful grounds. 

Next we were off to San Diego. We stayed at a hotel in La Jolla, which is an adorable town right on the water. Our hotel La Valencia was a blogger's dream! The whole building was #millenialpink and it was a few short steps from the ocean. We had dinner downtown in the Gaslamp district. and spent the next day checking out the coves and all the seals that call it home. The scenery was so beautiful I truly felt like we were transported to some exotic island. 

Our last stop on the trip was Los Angeles, where we met up with some of our closest friends that live out there. We spent our first night at Katsuya for dinner (highly recommend) and then spent the next day hiking in Pasadena. I also made sure to enjoy many delicious avocado toasts, because when you’re in Cali you just gotta avo toast right? #soLA. We checked out Rodeo, the Grove, and enjoyed a night in at our swanky hotel, Sixty Beverly Hills (it was The Walking Dead finale and we just couldn’t miss it!) Sometimes nights in your hotel robe, ordering in room service are some of the best. 

Throughout the trip I lived on my H2O+ beauty products.  The Waterbright Radiating Moisturizer was my go-to daily sun protection for my face (even John was obsessed) and the On The Move Cleansing Stick was perfect for travel (small enough to bring on a flight but so much product!!!!) You can shop both here and here. A special thanks to my friends at TL Communications for hooking me up with these incredible products!

This trip was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, although by the end I think John would have left me behind in Cali if I asked him to take one more blogger photo of me ;) If you’re ever looking for a fun road trip along the beautiful Cali coast, this is one I would definitely recommend!