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With Mother's Day coming up here in the US, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my own special relationship with my mom. I've always felt lucky to share the relationship that we do, and consider her not only my mom but my friend. She's there in times of happiness to share in my accomplishments, and there in times of turmoil to wipe my tears and pour me a Skinny Girl cocktail. As I've gotten older, and many of my friends become mothers themselves, I've learned to see and respect motherhood in a completely new way. While my mom has taught me countless lessons, I wanted to share three that have greatly influenced me during my 28.5 years of life, and continue to shape me everyday. 

1. Be Fearless

I don't mean this in the "lets all go jump out of a plane and drive without seat belts" fearless. I mean that my mom is never afraid to take on any new challenge. For her 50th birthday my mom ran her first marathon, in Alaska no less. She flew to a different state, ran 26.2 miles, and turned half a century, which is a big enough milestone on it's own! But with everything in life she decided to face 50 head on, with no fear. She later went on to hike the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. 

2. Health is Wealth

Growing up my friends would always joke that my house had the worst snack cabinet, and if you went hunting around you would likely only find bunches of kale. I envied the pantries of my friends, full of chips and cookies a plenty. But it wasn't until I got older (and finally started to appreciate my moms obsession with natural peanut butter) that I began to understand health in my own right. My mom emphasized it was not only what we fed our bodies but how we treated them that was important. She showed my siblings and I the importance of being physically active, and our yearly Mother's Day gift was joining her for spin class. Whether it's walking along the city streets or dancing away in a Zumba class, my mom still encourages me to be active and healthy to maintain health and balance in my body and mind. 

3. It's Never too Late

With three kids and a career under her belt, my mom decided to go back to school and pursue a new path as a social worker. I think in life it's normal to think "oh it's too late for this, too late to start that" but as we all get older, why not reach a new goal by the time we get there? She taught me that it's never to late to pursue a dream. 


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Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms and Mom figures out there! xo PR