Just a hop, skip and jump from New York City (or really two 45 minute car rides, a 6 hour flight, and one treacherous morning at Newark airport) you can find yourself in a little slice of paradise known as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I was first introduced to Cabo a few years ago when a friend invited me on a trip, and I quickly came to realize that this sunny retreat was more than just a reference in "Laguna Beach."

With guaranteed warm weather, beautiful beaches, and gorgeous rock formations that make your feel like your vacationing on the Amalfi Coast, Cabo has quickly become a hub of 5-star restaurants, beach-side hotels and enough tequila and guac to keep any travler happy.  

We’re big fans of staying at smaller boutique hotels where the atmosphere is more intimate, so The Cape, A Thompson Hotel was the perfect fit. From the gorgeous rooms overlooking the beach to the amazing hotel staff, I can not recommend The Cape enough. There are two delicious restaurants on site, plus a gorgeous rooftop bar (see me at my happiest, below), a swanky salt water pool, and #designinspo around every corner. Mornings consisted of trips to Glass Box for coffee and then room service on our balcony overlooking the group of surfers who gathered daily. Followed by a hard pinch to myself because was this real life?!?!


I was able to get through two books on the trip, which felt so refreshing after so much time staring and scrolling on screens. Bachelor Nation was incredible and I highly recommend for anyone who is a fan of The Bachelor or just wants to better understand our complex relationship with love, fame, and reality TV. Fierce Kingdom started out strong, but really should have been called Mediocre Kingdom... 

We ventured out one night for dinner at Sunset Mona Lisa, which is known for it's stunning sunset views and delicious cuisine. As the sun sets they do a ritual invovling horns and gongs which felt 50% like a tourist trap, but makes you realize how lucky we are to witness the sun rise and set everyday.  I'm still happy we went and it's a dining experience I'll never forgot. 

Now onto the fun part -- my outfits! I tried reeeeeeallly hard not to shop for anything new before this trip, and for the exception of one bathing suit and some accessories, everything I wore I already had in my closet! My one tip for spicing up vacation looks without having to buy a complete new wardrobe is snagging fun new accessories. Sunnies, jewelry and bags are a really easy (and affordable) way to breathe new life into old looks. 

All of my jewelry for the trip was rented through my Roxbox subscription and I absolutely LOVE this service. They send you three pieces of jewelry to wear at a time, and then you can choose to keep any pieces or send them back for a new set. I specifically picked fun statement earrings that I thought would go well with outfits I had in mind and I think they really completed the looks. And the best part? I get to send them back and get three new pieces before my next trip which is coming up soon! Want to try Roxbox for for yourself? You can sign up here for your first month free! 

I hope this travel diary gave you some inspo for your next #petitevacay. Adios for now ;) Shop the few pieces I did buy for the trip, below!