Sleeves fa days! 
 When I recieved this sweater from my friends over at  Tobi.com , I was instantly in love with the color and distressed detailing. Once I tried it on and saw the cropped fit and oversized sleeves I knew we were a perfect match. But I must admit I was a little intimidated by the bright hue, and I wanted to find a way to feel pretty in pink while still feeling like myself.   My #1 styling tip for incorporating color into your wardrobe is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. This pink top is definitely a bold centerpiece, so I stuck with white layers and jeans. As a woman who doesn't have much going on in the bust area, I find that V-necks aren't the most flattering for my body type, so I decided to layer in a white turtle neck to help complete the look.   My fave part of this entire look? My handy Glossier packaging doubles as an adorable pretty in pink pouch (try saying that five times fast...). 
 Alright Wednesday, let's kick it!  Sweater:  Tobi  // Turtleneck:  Everlane  // Pants:  EVIDNT     *This post is in partnership with tobi.com, but as always all opinions are my own* 
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