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 We shot this look at one of my favorite locations, The Asbury hotel in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Even though it was still Winter, and definitely chilly, Asbury Park is a beach town right on the water so it always have a sense of summer no matter what time of year you're there. We shot this on the rooftop of the hotel, so even though I was layered in a warm sweater and hat, the smell of the ocean just a block away was a nice reminder that summer isn't too far from our reach.  One of my easiest tips for making the seasonal wardrobe switch is to start with pants. These are my favorite Summer jeans (high waist + super stretchy) but I don't naturally reach for them in the Winter. But a girl can only wear so many pairs of black and dark jeans all Winter, am I right???  So I decided to pair the light jeans with this grey sweater set and loved the light and dark combo. The look is still weather appropriate (it kept me warm shooting on a cold winter day) but feels light enough to wear as the snow melts. 
 We decided to head over to the boardwalk and take a few more pictures using the incredible beachside murals as our backdrop. I also wanted to show how this outfit can be dressed down with a classic white sneak, one of my go-to faves these days. 
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 I say we ditch these winter hues and bring on the Spring brights! Who's with me?   Sweater: Madewell (similar  here ,  here , and  here ) / Cardigan: Vince (similar  here  and  here ) / Pants: Koral (similar  here  and  here ) / Heels: Christian Louboutin / Sneakers: Mango (similar  here  and  here ) / Hat: Forever21 (similar  here)  /  Sunnies: HM (similar  here )  Photos by  Vicky Nikolaeva
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