Summer Skin: How one appointment completely changed my skincare routine. 

It was a scorchingly hot summer morning in August (yes, not too long ago it was scorching hot out, can you remember?) and I was wandering the streets of the Upper East Side. Summer was quickly coming to a close, but my skin was definitely feeling the effects of the season (too much sun, not enough water, late nights when I would skip my nightly routine, all the things that make summer fun...) and my skin was definitely in need of some R&R. I slipped into a small, clean lobby, a perfect retreat from the NYC heat, and found myself inside Dr. Imber's Youth Corridor Clinic

I am definitely more of a newbie when it comes to beauty and skincare, but with my newfound exploration I've definitely jumped in head first, or rather face first ;) I love hearing about new products and trying out different ways to give my skin a little extra love, and then of course sharing it with all of you! So when I heard about Dr. Imber's approach I was definitely intrigued. Dr Imber is a world renown plastic surgeon and anti-aging expert who's philosophy revolves around capturing your "Youth Corridor" aka the time in your life when you look and feel your best. I like to say your skin doesn't come with a return policy, so you better take care of it, and that is exactly what Dr. Imber's Youth Corridor is all about.

I met with Denise, their medical esthetician, and she assessed my skin and recommend one of their signature treatments, the No Peel Peel. This one meeting with Denise caused me to completely change my skin care routine! I literally went home and got rid of half the products in my bathroom cabinet and completely changed the way I thought about my skin. The consultation was extremely thorough and informative, and I realized that I was treating my skin more like rough cotton rather than delicate silk, and while I love both cotton AND silk, they require different care. 

One of my main philosophies is mixing high-end with low-end, and knowing when to splurge and when to save. When it comes to skin care I think some things are worth a little extra splurge and my trip to the Youth Corridor Clinic was definitely one of them. The "peel" took about five minutes, maybe less, and I'm still feeling the glow weeks later. This isn't the typical "peel" (I didn't walk out looking like Samantha in Sex and the City) I just looked like myself, only glowier 

Since I loved the experience so much, and truly think my skin has never looked better, I wanted to share this skin care gem with all of you. And since I always love a sale, if you book an appointment during the month of October you can get a complimentary skincare consultation with my new BFF Denise AND 20% off the No Peel Peel by using the code PETITE20. This code is good one time per person. 

And yes that is a NO makeup, NO filter, NO frills selfie from the day I got the peel. Because I was felling myself! 

My skin is still far from perfect, and some days I feel more like a prepubescent teenager than a glowing goddess, but I know this visit was definitely a step in the right direction to maintaining my "Youth Corridor," while hopefully leaving behind any awkward stages of my youth.... 

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