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 I know this look takes winter white to a whole new level and is no longer suitable for the quickly dropping temps (I see mother nature wasn't too happy with what she found under her tree, likely some not-so-clean burning coal...), but I'm of the belief that an outfit can never have too many white elements. Plus, adding a big cozy grey cardigan and swapping in some white pants and nude booties easily transitions this look from last week to this week (not even kidding about that, for those not living in NYC it was really that warm!).    This look is winter white to the max, but around the holidays and New Year's Eve festivities, bringing in some white is a fun way to channel the fresh snow and twinkling lights that make this time of year so special. Whoever created the 'no white after labor day' rule obviously never owned a white moto jacket or a white skort. (Yes, its a SKORT!) I say take risks, embrace your inner Elsa, let the rules go, and let it snow. 
 Happy New Year everyone! Here's to starting 2016 with your best, and boldest, foot forward.  Photography by  Alexa Drew Photography   Top: Zara (similar  here  and  here ) / Skort: Zara (similar  here ,  here,  and  here ) / Shoes: Christian Louboutin (similar  here ,  here  and  here ) /  Moto Jacket: Club Monaco (similar   here   and   here  )
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